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Welcome to the Fiwix project
Your small UNIX-like kernel


The FiwixOS 3.2 Installation CD-ROM includes the binary form, the source code and the patch file (if needed) of every single package installed in the system. It also includes the kernel source code and a set of example programs to stress and test some kernel features. The CD-ROM is shipped in the form of a live operating system.

The FiwixOS 3.2 Flat IDE Disk Raw Image contains a pre-installed FiwixOS 3.2 system, for use in virtual machines. Changes made to the system are persistent.


  • FiwixOS 3.2 Installation CD-ROM
  • FiwixOS-3.2-i386.iso

    15-Nov-2022, 554MiB

    SHA256 checksum: d68e6a3a7eea329a89faddf34ecbb9bc49e65f0d075749427c5c104aaf24d1c7

  • FiwixOS 3.2 Floppy (1.44MB) with initrd using RAMdisk driver
  • FiwixOS-3.2-initrd-i386.img

    15-Nov-2022, 1440KiB

    SHA256 checksum: dfd597e5e1fa796c9b780e3c9ea484dce59694af255aab181c88d44334e8aebc

  • FiwixOS 3.2 Floppy (1.44MB)
  • FiwixOS-3.2-i386.img

    15-Nov-2022, 1440KiB

    SHA256 checksum: 5402aedaaf6aca667139c6da6448852d4b03340813209951c729da885a3e570f

  • FiwixOS 3.2 Flat IDE Disk Raw Image (for QEMU, VMware, VirtualBOX, etc.)
  • FiwixOS-3.2-i386.raw.gz

    root's password is root.

    04-Jan-2023, 226MiB (1GiB uncompressed)

    SHA256 checksum: 7138c8c654c8128f93f14f3616ec47996cb66bbe44ca09c531e72ebba51bf5fb

Source code

  • Fiwix kernel v1.4.0 (also included in the CD-ROM)
  • fiwix-1.4.0.tar.bz2

    15-Nov-2022, 196KiB

    SHA256 checksum: 4cd0248b378be5f0c9804ac3d353a603f3253c7443299c78cd71f2a60d7a8a8a

  • Source code in PDF
  • fiwix-1.4.0.pdf

    15-Nov-2022, 1.7MiB

    SHA256 checksum: c1207e29fd069be9a10fe4a2d523c6528799ed79c47287d6017b2caa8186df71


  • FiwixOS 3.2 Media Setup
  • FiwixOS-3.2-Media-Setup.tar.bz2

    15-Nov-2022, 74KiB

    SHA256 checksum: 0a47bee1a7450428dcc1b19ef5e65bfa8c65bcaa8a19d6fd1411e5fc4e1c31d3


Example of installing FiwixOS 3.2 on a hard disk by booting from the Installation CD-ROM (using QEMU):

qemu-img create hd.img 1G
qemu-system-i386 \
	-drive file=hd.img,format=raw,cache=writeback,index=0 \
	-drive file=FiwixOS-3.2-i386.iso,media=cdrom,index=2 \
	-net none \
	-boot d \
	-enable-kvm \
	-machine pc \
	-cpu 486

Either on a virtual machine or in real hardware, let the system boot and when you are ready just type:

If you plan to install FiwixOS 3.2 on a very old hardware (i386 or i486), you might want to use the floppy disk as a boot media in case the BIOS is not able to boot from CD-ROM.

WARNING: the kernel and the software included might contain (un)known bugs and vulnerabilities.

There is an archive of old FiwixOS versions here.