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Welcome to the Fiwix project
A UNIX-like kernel for the i386 architecture
Fiwix kernel


The FiwixOS 2 Installation CD-ROM includes the binary form, the source code and the patch file (if needed) of every single package installed in the system. It also includes the kernel source code and a set of example programs to stress and test some kernel features. The CD-ROM is shipped in the form of a live operating system.

The FiwixOS 2 Flat IDE Disk Raw Image contains a pre-installed FiwixOS 2 system, for use in virtual machines. Changes made to the system are persistent.


  • FiwixOS 2 Installation Live CD-ROM
  • FiwixOS-2-Live-i386.iso

    24-Mar-2020, 347MiB

    SHA256 checksum: 4f417a571332b997377ffb0dd95f74755932e4382a41935bdedd209924c67940

  • FiwixOS 2 Live Floppy (1.44MB) with initrd using RAMdisk driver
  • FiwixOS-2-initrd-i386.img

    24-Mar-2020, 1440KiB

    SHA256 checksum: 6fec5d91a8a8c0d4720e2e2b7c05f94a01226e791a15b8249ee6c337c7744de6

  • FiwixOS 2 Live Floppy (1.44MB)
  • FiwixOS-2-i386.img

    24-Mar-2020, 1440KiB

    SHA256 checksum: 7732512e389c55d32a53946647a8859afe16ec4376f57e92bb32d65362f99f6c

  • FiwixOS 2 Flat IDE Disk Raw Image (1GB, for QEMU, VMware, etc.)
  • FiwixOS-2-i386.raw.gz

    24-Mar-2020, 102MiB

    SHA256 checksum: a55dea44cf3198347cba1deb9e7c228624767cd672417a64f0080be573ef4387

Source code

  • Fiwix kernel v1.1.0 (also included in the CD-ROM)
  • fiwix-1.1.0.tar.gz

    24-Mar-2020, 199KiB

    SHA256 checksum: 46039a0526ebf4b35d243430655144cf20dda31c08fa8976748ce4002967fa08

  • Source code in PDF
  • fiwix-1.1.0.pdf

    24-Mar-2020, 1.2MiB

    SHA256 checksum: 15bada75a6c4739ddfabdbf44088602e6e59570a75c490cc930a6b6e58e7d8ec


  • FiwixOS Media Setup
  • FiwixOS-Media-Setup.tar.gz

    24-Mar-2020, 1.1MiB

    SHA256 checksum: 35137b041e0a1a296e4a9e45085b6b4be703d21b755a1c771c6e10a24a7d0ddb


  • Installing FiwixOS 2 on a hard disk by booting from the Fiwix Installation CD-ROM (using QEMU):
    qemu-img create hd.img 1G
    qemu-system-i386 -drive file=hd.img,cache=writeback -cdrom FiwixOS-2-Live-i386.iso -boot d
    Either on a virtual machine or in real hardware, let the system boot and when you are ready just type:

If you plan to install FiwixOS 2 on a very old hardware (i386 or i486), you might want to use the floppy disk as a boot media in case the BIOS of the PC is not able to boot from CD-ROM.

NOTE: (when needed) login as user root and password root.

WARNING: the kernel and the software included might contain (un)known bugs and vulnerabilities - USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

There is an archive of old FiwixOS versions here.