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1.2.0 - 12-Dec-2020
- Added support for serial (RS-232) devices.
- Completely rewritten the way how the device table is handled.
- Completely rewritten the way how the interrupt table is handled.
- Added the ability to share the same IRQ between multiple devices.
- Completely rewritten the way how bottom halves are managed.
- Added the 'doc/devices.txt' document.
- Added basic functionality of OPOST functions to tty.
- Added to reschedule the keyboard bottom-half if it was busy.
- Added support of O_NONBLOCK in tty_write().
- Added remote serial console support.
- Added support for K_RAW and K_MEDIUMRAW keyboard modes.
- Added and fixed some ECMA-48 CSI sequences in console.
- Improved termios and other aspects of the tty driver to accomodate the new
  serial driver.
- Small optimizations and bug fixes in console.
- Improved the macros that build the interrupt service routines.
- Fixed to force some signals that a process cannot ignore by changing their
  dispositions to SIG_DFL.
- Fixed a bug in tty_read and tty_write that caused to send the SIGTTIN signal
  to the foreground process.
- Fixed nanosleep() to force to 10ms any request lower than 10ms.
- Fixed a signedness bug in setreuid() and setregid().
- Fixed to delimitate better the stack-related page faults in the vma region.
- Fixed a NULL pointer dereference when __DEBUG__ is enabled in sys_waitpid().
- Fixed to avoid freeing an invalid page that generated PANICs in SVGAlib
- Fixed a bug that, under certain conditions, page_not_present() unmapped a
  wrong page number.
- Fixed to not clone MAP_SHARED pages during fork().
- Saved twice the 'signum' value before calling the signal handler.
- Small fixes and cosmetic changes.

1.1.0 - 24-Mar-2020
- Added support for an initial RAMdisk (initrd) image.
- Added full support for the ext2 filesystem.
- Added support to execute scripts.
- Limit the number of messages on spurious interrupts.
- RAMdisks initialization now shows the range of the memory addresses of each
  RAMdisk created.
- Added VMA_REGIONS as a general configurable option (default: 150 entries).
- Changed the default kernel filesystem to ext2.
- Renamed the sleep addresses in tty.c.
- Added the ability to pass arguments to init from the kernel's command line.
- Included memory values in /proc/PID/stat and /proc/PID/status.
- Included the file /proc/PID/statm to provide more information about memory
- Changed the ATA's SET MULTIPLE MODE command to do all I/O with 4KB block size
  (8 sectors) by default.
- Fixed to prevent from using an unexistent floppy type, in the fdd_type
  structure, if CMOS returns a value bigger than 0x04.
- Fixed a misplaced bitwise operator AND that was not ensuring the limitation
  to 1GB as the amount of physical memory supported.
- Fixed some bugs in *_minix_ialloc() and minix_balloc() when they fail.
- Fixed a malfunction in the job control.
- Fixed in sys_getgroups() to return the number of group IDs when the argument
  size is zero.
- Fixed the DEC Set Top and Bottom Margins (DECSTBM) sequence, which affected
  the scroll up mechanism in consoles.
- Fixed to set properly the timestamp on every read and write in all ttys.
- Fixed the start time value in /proc/PID/stat of every single process.
- Fixed to use a long long variable type to be able support block devices bigger
  than 4GB.
- Fixed a memory corruption bug processing the VT100 'CSI n J' sequence.
- Small fixes and cosmetic changes.

1.0.1 - 04-Aug-2018
- Added a basic implementation of a Pseudo-Random Number Generator using the
  character devices /dev/random and /dev/urandom.
- Improved the mechanism in procfs_dir_readdir() to fix a memory corruption bug.
- Fixed a bug in procfs_dir_readdir() that prevented from reading correctly the
  entire procfs root directory.
- Fixed a bug in iso9660_dir_readdir() that prevented from reading correctly any
- Fixed to show the complete pathname in the argv[0] of the init process.
- Fixed to protect INIT process from unexpected signals.

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