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In the images below you'll find a functional kernel that allows the interaction with some basic GNU tools. Due to lack of space in the floppy disk (1.44MB) I use the BusyBox utility. This little program comes with only one binary which have a lot of basic UNIX/Linux commands.

I've also setup a 200MB Minix v1 live-filesystem for all the people who want a better environment to play and experiment with this kernel. Check the README file to know how to work with it.

Another way to test this kernel is by burning the live CDROM image you can download from here.

Version Date Description Filename Size
0.9.0 05-Aug-2017 1.44MB Live Floppy Image (Minix v1) fiwix-0.9.0.img.gz 603KiB
0.9.0 05-Aug-2017 ISO9660 Live CDROM fiwix-livecd-0.9.0.iso.gz 984KiB 30-Aug-2017 200MB Hard Disk Image (Minix v1) fiwix200mb.img.gz 21MiB

05-Aug-2017 README text file README 1.4KiB
1.44MB Live Floppy Image (Minix v1) patched fiwix-0.9.0p3.img.gz

SHA1 checksum

770dc80e64fb94f20578c196bdd55f304d45e102 fiwix-0.9.0.img.gz
dd90483bf18b41b73aee5f3e0ad7384ef59b654c fiwix200mb.img.gz
8c50da1b85698e76d6115bf5bc19bc23b4aa43f5 fiwix-livecd-0.9.0.iso.gz

Uncompress first the floppy image using the gzip -d command, and then start testing it in several different ways:

NOTE: Login as user root and password root.

WARNING: the software used in the live filesystem and in the bootable floppy disk belongs to a Linux distribution that was released in the 90s and its support was stopped long time ago.

WARNING: the kernel and the software included contains many (un)known bugs and vulnerabilities - use at your own risk!